Choosing Your Next Car with Confidence

…and Four More Automotive Observations

  1. A Few Models Deliver Most Sales for Many Brands
  2. American Brands Own Trucks
  3. Tesla Did Better than You Might Think
  4. Strong Brands Had a Great Year

Crossovers are King, Sedans are Dead

The rise of crossovers…

Twenty-first-century prospects for twentieth-century vehicles

Predicting the market for privately-owned cars in 2038

All you have to do is move to Tulsa (Part 2 of 19,351)

Finding tomorrow’s favored cities with today’s data

On the recent GM plant closures

Part 1 of a 19,351-Part Series

Downtown Kalamazoo by way of Google Earth

What 1,841 bookstores tell us about the character of 896 cities

Is It Time to Move On?

Karl Sluis

Cities, mobility, and product leadership in New York City

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