Escape From New York and San Francisco

Is It Time to Move On?

Why Are People Leaving?

That’ll be a million damn dollars for either, sucker.
The Coonley House, exterior
The Coonley House, interior

A Dimmer Future

Guardian graphic. Source: Nature climate change, Mathew E. Hauer
from CityLab
Williamsburg, Brooklyn — one of New York’s most covetable, and emptiest, neighborhoods (photo from New York Times)

Where Can We Go?

Breckenridge, CO, Key West, FL, and Nashville, TN
Frisco, TX, Colorado Springs, CO, and Ann Arbor, MI
Right to left, top to bottom: Denver, Nashville, Chicago, Charleston, Savannah, St. Louis, Portland, Austin, Detroit



Cities, mobility, and product leadership in New York City

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