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  • Olivia Powell

    Olivia Powell

    writer / artist / Storyteller who wonders what else stories can be and do

  • Simon Sarris

    Simon Sarris

    Sacred things and making things. Literature, Food, Web Development. — In labouring to be concise, I become obscure.

  • Data@Urban


    Data@Urban is a place to explore the code, data, products, and processes that bring Urban Institute research to life.

  • Joey Lee

    Joey Lee

    Interaction Designer & geographer. Adjunct Faculty and Researcher @NYUITP. Alum @moovellab + @mozillascience + @senseablecity.

  • Rachel Zack

    Rachel Zack

    Policy Strategist at Remix

  • Denise McDermott

    Denise McDermott

    UCD evangelist, writer, hack turntablist and insomniac.

  • Michal Migurski

    Michal Migurski

    Oakland/SF Bay Area technology & open source GIS. @Remix and @PlanScore, previously at @mapzen, @codeforamerica, and @stamen. Frequently at @geobreakfast.

  • Autonomous Law

    Autonomous Law


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